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That 70’s Show

February 6, 2009

I was a high school and college student during the 1970’s.  I wasn’t politically aware, being focused instead on getting my pieces of paper and getting started on my own life.  So I remember the 70’s, but not all that well.

But I do remember this — wage and price controls.  Inflation was out of control, and President Nixon, he of sainted –oops, sorry for the typo, I meant to say stained — reputation, decided it had to be stopped by force.  Hence the wage and price controls established by the federal government.  As anyone who is able to think things through can tell you, it was a disaster.  The government interventions actually made inflation even worse than the “intolerable” rates that preceded wage and price controls.  Just as many economists now acknowledge that government interventions prolonged and deepened the Great Depression.

Now Obama is following in St. Nixon’s footsteps, PBUH, and is instituting wage caps, and I’m gettin’ that deja-vu-all-over-again feeling.  He calls it “executive compensation caps,” but it’s the same thing.  Now your vocabulary has been expanded, doncha feel better?  But I digress.

To be fair, O is starting only with companies that receive money from the federal Porkulus Plan.  We’ll call it PP from here on, and no it doesn’t stand for Piss Poor, shame on you for your crude mind.  You have probably heard of the legendary Slippery Slope.  It’s part of the geography of any liberal enclave.  And O’s pay caps are located right on the edge of it.

Once those highly-paid executives are brought into line, the rest of us won’t be far behind.  Remember the cautionary tale that goes “They came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew ….”  Certainly money is not equivalent to life, but I hope you can see the ominous parallel.

Now, one populist part of me likes the idea of executives exercising moderation in their pay.  Nobody should be a greedy b*****d, after all.  And why shouldn’t the government expect a certain level of accountability from those it is entrusting with my money — that just makes sense.  But that’s my heart speaking. 

My head, on the other hand, it outraged.  I remember the 70’s and into the early 80’s.  The problem with government “accountability” is that government is accountable to no one.  Yah, yah, we all learned in 8th grade Civics class that government is accountable to the voters, but grownups know that isn’t the whole truth.  Government polices itself.  In Real Life, that means no accountability.  So when government decides to require accountability from someone, it’s a power play, pure and simple, and has nothing to do with stewardship of my money.  Don’t forget — congress just voted itself a hefty pay raise for this year.  Contrast that with pay caps for disfavored groups.

Now, granted, Obama is younger than I am, so we can cut him a little slack — he was probably consumed with puberty during Nixon’s administration.  Yet he was alive during the 70’s and early 80’s, being just 2 years younger than I am.  Was his head even further up his you-know-what than mine was up my own y-k-w?  I think it probably was. 

Reagan was castigated by the leftists for the so-called trickle-down economics he promoted.  Well, wage caps for the greedy executives are just the beginning of trickle-down poverty the leftists want to inflict upon all the rest of us.  It sounds good to slaves of emotion, but thinking people know it’s mushroom economics*.

 As usual, The Anchoress has a comprehensive roundup on this and numerous related topics.


*   Mushrooms are kept in the dark and fed ….you know.


Smarter than Congress and Obama Put Together

February 3, 2009

They call it a stimulus bill.  Thinking people are calling it WTF?  I’m angry, but confused. 

But the Anchoress has it nailed.  The perfect stimulus solution.  I can’t find anything wrong with it.  Can you?

Out In The Cold

February 2, 2009

That’s us little people, always, but especially since our new rulers ascended to the throne.

Leona Helmsley was crucified for saying it, but our new Democrat rulers are living its truth:  Only the little people pay taxes.  That’s because we li’l folk go to jail, instead of getting appointed to cabinet positions.  These poor men are all so “naive” and “innocent,” it makes me feel positively Machiavellian.  

Looking for a little help from our new god Obamessiah?  He’s comfy in his shirtsleeves, but will he share his gourmet steak dinner with folks in Kentucky?  Oh, if only they had voted for him!  But, no, they had to vote for the old guy and the tart.  Too bad, no FEMA for you.  And no screeches of outrage by the Oldstream Media at your plight.  Just try to find 23-hour coverage of your dead and hungry.  Unfortunately for you, you are just chopped liver.

But if you were a union fatcat or a lawyer of some kind, you’d be rollin’ in clover.  He’s doin’ all kinds of favors for them.

And for the littlest of the little, they’re literally chopped liver.  Payback will come.  Let’s hope those of us who are tryin’ to live right don’t get sucked down along with our dear rulers. 

Yipper, hope and change.  That is, I mean hope FOR A change.  Our Naked Emperor talks a good game, but his actions show he is not interested in the little peoples’ problems.

Hypocrites, Vipers, and Adolescents

January 26, 2009

The new boss is the same as the old boss.  Abortions for everyone — especially minorities.  Tax the rich; feed the poor; ’til there are no rich no more.  Payoffs to the powerful.  All this has happened before, and it will all happen again. 

The Anchoress has the roundup.  What she said.  Pray for us all.

President Moloch

January 24, 2009

You’ll never know unless you’re a wacko like me who digs deep for the news the Oldstream Media don’t want you to hear.  President Obama, on his very first working day in office, right in line with leftist pro-death policies, has now mandated that all American taxpayers shall participate in killing the most innocent worldwide.  This news ranks at the very bottom of the linked article:

the administration in the afternoon issued a reversal of a ban on federal funding for non-governmental organizations working outside the U.S. that offer abortions or abortion counseling.

Obama has shown the world what is most important to him by addressing those issues on his first working day as leader of the free world.  He warned us about it in advance, and he has kept true to that commitment.  I find it ironic that the man who said:

Government at every level will have to tighten its belt, but we’ll help struggling states avoid harmful budget cuts, as long as they take responsibility and use the money to maintain essential services like police, fire, education, and health care.

… on his first full working day then opened up US funds for killing in foreign countries.  Yah — essential services for the states of the USA, abortions for everyone else.  Does that make sense to you?

It just slays me that the lefties howl about the approximately 4000 American deaths in Iraq , volunteers one and all.  But they ignore the daily deaths of 3700 innocents with no voice at all here in our great land.

I don’t know whether I will continue regular blogging in the near future.  I feel very much like this woman feels, though I am fortunate enough not to live in a leftist enclave and share that suffering.  Small comfort.

Obama’s Team Transition

January 16, 2009

I’ve been quiet recently because I’m just watching.  I said it before — the Obama administration will be a long sorry series of scandals, just like old times.  It’s only beginning.

  • Blagojevich — not O’s staff, but look at the political culture O grew up in.  Says something about O.
  • Geithner — the man who would be Treasury Secretary forgot to pay his taxes.  He claims it’s his accountant’s fault.  Poppycock.  He wants to be a Big Man in the world of finance, he can darn tootin’ monitor his accountant’s work.  Numbskull.  
  • Richardson — more pay to play.  I thought the Republicans were supposed to be the party of greed. 
  • Hillary Clinton — more baggage than Marie Antoinette.

But you will see only a superficial discussion of the known corruption among the Democrats.  They are the party the Oldstream Media love to love — thrills up the leg and all that.  What we are learning about now is just the tip of the iceberg.  And the fact that we are learning about so much corruption so early in O’s regime should sober every one of us.  There is more to come, much more, and much more filthy.  We are in for hard times, and I ain’t talkin’ turkey.  Wait, maybe I am.

Dell Computer Is Saving Our Planet

January 3, 2009

I just had to have a good loud belly-laugh last week when I read this article in the Wall Street Journal.  Seems Dell Computer Co. is trying to save the planet by eliminating its so-called carbon footprint.

The funny part of it is that nobody eliminates their carbon footprint.  Just by being alive and breathing, we emit carbon dioxide — that oh-so-dangerous greenhouse gas.  And when we’re dead?  Then we decompose, emitting carbon dioxide and methane.  We can’t NOT be carbon neutral, either living or dead.

 Dell’s director of environment, health, and safety, Dane Parker says

“There are skeptics of carbon neutrality who will say, ‘That’s kind of bogus.  Instead of using that as an excuse for inaction, we’ve said, ‘There’s a lot you can do.'”

Dane is so right — what Dell is doing is absolutely bogus.  And yes, there are many things you can do to clean up our environment — things that are NOT bogus.   But Dell is focused on PR, not on valid science. 

Yes indeedy, what Dell is doing is bogus.  They are buying so-called carbon offsets and claiming that counts as a reduction in the company’s emissions.  What a load of manure!  These carbon offsets are sold by such luminaries as Al Gore, who is making piles of money by shaking down companies, pressuring them to buy offsets from his businesses in the name of environmental sensitivity.  Can anyone in the class spell conflict of interest?  Bonus question:  can anyone spell charlatan?

Dell is also paying to have trees planted and to buy wind power.  That’s nice.  I’m all for trees.  And I see wind power at work on a small scale daily, near where I live.  But I wonder — if Dell hadn’t paid for those trees and wind turbines, would they still have been planted and built?  The devil is in the details and the FTC is investigating.  Most of the projects Dell has funded were also government-funded and apparently would have been undertaken regardless of Dell’s contribution.  Yet Dell claims it as their virtue.

And of course, the whole question of whether the planet requires us puny humans to save it is a scandal in itself.  Truly, environmentalism has become the present-day religion of those who scorn time-tested religion.  Thinkers who refuse to bow to today’s Caesars are castigated, stripped of their employment or funding, and otherwise abused.  Anyone remember learning about the Christians and the lions — they got there by refusing to worship Caesar.  Ominous parallels anyone?

Follow the money, my friends, follow the money.