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President Eeyore

February 24, 2009

Everyone else is saying it so much better than I can.

The press is still covering Obama’s ass.  

O’s incompetent appointees are still lost in the past.  It’s not about racism when the POTUS is an African-American, Sherlock!   We just had the biggest single discussion on race in the history of the universe — it was the 2008 Presidential election.  Let’s move on — today, in our present day, it’s about Democrat-stoked emboldened enemies and the Democrat-induced evaporation of middle Americans’ wealth.

Putin is puttin’ it to us, thanks so much for your image of strength, oh Great ONE.   We discussed this problem before.  

 Obama’s Eeyore-mouth, his incompetent appointees, and Congress are still killing our nation’s economy — it sinks a little farther every time they open their mouths — and the rest of the world is succumbing, too. 

 In spite of the Oldstream Media hate-fest on him,  Bush was a better leader and a better man than the ONE. 

 Obama has another speech tonight, but I will not be commenting on it.

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  1. ultraguy permalink
    February 25, 2009 1:14 am

    re. press still covering… Ain’t that the truth? Ran across>this earlier this evening:

    “now there’s Obama, who’s made reaching across party lines a point of principle in his presidency, with little to show for it so far.”

    Um, perhaps because he HASN’T?

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