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Out In The Cold

February 2, 2009

That’s us little people, always, but especially since our new rulers ascended to the throne.

Leona Helmsley was crucified for saying it, but our new Democrat rulers are living its truth:  Only the little people pay taxes.  That’s because we li’l folk go to jail, instead of getting appointed to cabinet positions.  These poor men are all so “naive” and “innocent,” it makes me feel positively Machiavellian.  

Looking for a little help from our new god Obamessiah?  He’s comfy in his shirtsleeves, but will he share his gourmet steak dinner with folks in Kentucky?  Oh, if only they had voted for him!  But, no, they had to vote for the old guy and the tart.  Too bad, no FEMA for you.  And no screeches of outrage by the Oldstream Media at your plight.  Just try to find 23-hour coverage of your dead and hungry.  Unfortunately for you, you are just chopped liver.

But if you were a union fatcat or a lawyer of some kind, you’d be rollin’ in clover.  He’s doin’ all kinds of favors for them.

And for the littlest of the little, they’re literally chopped liver.  Payback will come.  Let’s hope those of us who are tryin’ to live right don’t get sucked down along with our dear rulers. 

Yipper, hope and change.  That is, I mean hope FOR A change.  Our Naked Emperor talks a good game, but his actions show he is not interested in the little peoples’ problems.

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