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Obama’s Team Transition

January 16, 2009

I’ve been quiet recently because I’m just watching.  I said it before — the Obama administration will be a long sorry series of scandals, just like old times.  It’s only beginning.

  • Blagojevich — not O’s staff, but look at the political culture O grew up in.  Says something about O.
  • Geithner — the man who would be Treasury Secretary forgot to pay his taxes.  He claims it’s his accountant’s fault.  Poppycock.  He wants to be a Big Man in the world of finance, he can darn tootin’ monitor his accountant’s work.  Numbskull.  
  • Richardson — more pay to play.  I thought the Republicans were supposed to be the party of greed. 
  • Hillary Clinton — more baggage than Marie Antoinette.

But you will see only a superficial discussion of the known corruption among the Democrats.  They are the party the Oldstream Media love to love — thrills up the leg and all that.  What we are learning about now is just the tip of the iceberg.  And the fact that we are learning about so much corruption so early in O’s regime should sober every one of us.  There is more to come, much more, and much more filthy.  We are in for hard times, and I ain’t talkin’ turkey.  Wait, maybe I am.

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