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Dell Computer Is Saving Our Planet

January 3, 2009

I just had to have a good loud belly-laugh last week when I read this article in the Wall Street Journal.  Seems Dell Computer Co. is trying to save the planet by eliminating its so-called carbon footprint.

The funny part of it is that nobody eliminates their carbon footprint.  Just by being alive and breathing, we emit carbon dioxide — that oh-so-dangerous greenhouse gas.  And when we’re dead?  Then we decompose, emitting carbon dioxide and methane.  We can’t NOT be carbon neutral, either living or dead.

 Dell’s director of environment, health, and safety, Dane Parker says

“There are skeptics of carbon neutrality who will say, ‘That’s kind of bogus.  Instead of using that as an excuse for inaction, we’ve said, ‘There’s a lot you can do.'”

Dane is so right — what Dell is doing is absolutely bogus.  And yes, there are many things you can do to clean up our environment — things that are NOT bogus.   But Dell is focused on PR, not on valid science. 

Yes indeedy, what Dell is doing is bogus.  They are buying so-called carbon offsets and claiming that counts as a reduction in the company’s emissions.  What a load of manure!  These carbon offsets are sold by such luminaries as Al Gore, who is making piles of money by shaking down companies, pressuring them to buy offsets from his businesses in the name of environmental sensitivity.  Can anyone in the class spell conflict of interest?  Bonus question:  can anyone spell charlatan?

Dell is also paying to have trees planted and to buy wind power.  That’s nice.  I’m all for trees.  And I see wind power at work on a small scale daily, near where I live.  But I wonder — if Dell hadn’t paid for those trees and wind turbines, would they still have been planted and built?  The devil is in the details and the FTC is investigating.  Most of the projects Dell has funded were also government-funded and apparently would have been undertaken regardless of Dell’s contribution.  Yet Dell claims it as their virtue.

And of course, the whole question of whether the planet requires us puny humans to save it is a scandal in itself.  Truly, environmentalism has become the present-day religion of those who scorn time-tested religion.  Thinkers who refuse to bow to today’s Caesars are castigated, stripped of their employment or funding, and otherwise abused.  Anyone remember learning about the Christians and the lions — they got there by refusing to worship Caesar.  Ominous parallels anyone?

Follow the money, my friends, follow the money.

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