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Our (Half) Naked Emperor

December 29, 2008

Just another example of the depths of degradation that the Oldstream Media now wallows in. 

 Have you seen the half-undressed photos of our president-elect?  Have you read the breathless discussion of his un-presidented level of fitness?  Do you feel dirtied just to see this from the corner of your eye?  Like it’s some kind of teen soft-porn magazine?  Tiger Beat, maybe?  Yet the Oldstream Media is unashamed of themselves.

The Anchoress puts it this way:

The press corp mostly sneered at Bush’s commitment to exercise. They sneered at Condi Rice’s exercise regimen, as well; she was the over-achiever subsuming her emotions to the treadmill, or whatever. But Sen. Obama? They’re turning him into “Chesty McCheesecake”, (and he seems a willing exhibitionist) probably because they haven’t got a clue who he really is or what he’s really about. And perhaps Obama likes it that way; he seems to be smart enough to know that if he gives them his chest, he needn’t bother giving them his thoughts.

All the press can do is hope and prey.

Obama’s not the only beefcake national leader.  Here’s Vlad Putin in the half-buff as well.  Compare and contrast.


 Frankly, even though he’s evil, I think Putin is more attractive.  More manly.  Obama is just too overly androgynous.

Hmmmmmmm … maybe there’s some insight there about why the gay lobby supports Obama, even though he’s on record against gay “marriage.” 

Michelle Malkin has the complete scoop.

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