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Dear Leader of the Year

December 23, 2008




Okie has a delightfully snarky post on the recent selection of Obama as Time’s Man of the Year.  Warning: crude and impolite language permeates the piece.

The Time Ragazine piece features O’s very own performance checklist.  According to O, in two years, we should use this list to evaluate his presidency:  Has Obama …

  •  helped this economy recover from what is the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression?  [how do you define “recovery?”]
  • instituted financial regulations and rules of the road that assure this kind of crisis doesn’t occur again? [how do you define “assurance?”]
  • created jobs that pay well and allow families to support themselves?  [how many jobs paying how much money?]
  • made significant progress on reducing the cost of health care and expanding coverage?  [how much does it cost and what is provided to whom?]
  • begun what will probably be a decade-long project to shift America to a new energy economy?  [beginnings are so easy …]
  • begun what may be an even longer project of revitalizing our public-school systems?  [double ditto — will you make sure Michelle Rhee gets to keep doing her job regardless of DC politics — oops, forgot, you’re a union stooge so that’s a big fat nope]
  • closed down Guantánamo in a responsible way, put a clear end to torture and restored a balance between the demands of our security and our Constitution?  [memo to Islamofascists: no more beheadings, dudes]
  • rebuilt alliances around the world effectively?  [alliances with whom and how do you define “rebuilt”?]
  • drawn down U.S. troops out of Iraq, and have we strengthened our approach in Afghanistan — not just militarily but also diplomatically and in terms of development?  [good luck with that Afghani diplomacy thing]
  • reinvigorate[d] international institutions to deal with transnational threats, like climate change, that we can’t solve on our own?  [if we can’t solve it, do ya really think anyone else can?]
  • And lastly:  [can] the American people to be able to say … I feel like the government’s working for me. I feel like it’s accountable. I feel like it’s transparent. I feel that I am well informed about what government actions are being taken. I feel that this is a President and an Administration that admits when it makes mistakes and adapts itself to new information.  [good luck with that, buddy]

He didn’t list this, but I also will be eagerly awaiting the news of how many feet the oceans have receded.

Boy howdy, I can’t wait for the 2010 Man of the Year issue.  I will be so grateful to have all those problems solved, that I will gladly eat my hat in penance. 

But you know what?  In reality, this list, along with the entire hagiography, will conveniently disappear in about 18 months time.  Lost in the mists, never to be found.  Collector alert:  stock up on a few of these issues — they’ll be valuable after The Forgetting.

And I love the bit on page 3, where the worshipper says:

he says “people generally want to do the right thing.” Trust of this kind has been in short supply for many years in American politics, where the dominant attitude is that every disagreement is a sign of bad faith and every opponent is assumed to be malevolent.

He tells you so much about himself, but so very little about anything else in the world.  Yah, the Oldstream Media hates President Bush and begrudges every breath he takes … and they have pummelled us with that ‘tude for lo these many years — to the point that many innocents have succumbed to Media Stockholm Syndrome and accepted it as “and that’s the way it is.”  But it’s not the way it is.  It’s just the way the echo-disoriented Oldstream Media wants us to think it is.  Reality is getting ready to bite the OM and Obama in the softies — the timing is all that is in question.

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