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What are you thankful for?

November 28, 2008


I’m thankful we have had George Bush at our backs for the last seven years.

Count the number of terrorist attacks on American soil since the atrocities of 2001.

Then consider these sobering indices:

Terrorist attacks in 2002

Terrorist attacks in 2003

Terrorist attacks in 2004

Terrorist attacks in 2005

Terrorist attacks in 2006

Terrorist attacks in 2007

Terrorist attacks in 2008, including this week’s atrocity

Clearly, President Bush is either keeping us safe on purpose or he is the luckiest dumbass in world history.  I lean toward the more dignified interpretation. 

The leftist Bush-haters have screamed and wailed about mythical incidents of Koran-flushing at Gitmo and other such crap (whadya think, did I intend that pun?  heh).  Meanwhile, people all over the world are being slaughtered on a daily basis by Koran-readers.  Not here, though.  Here we go about our business, taking out home loans we have no way to repay, building cars no one wants to buy, intent on owning the trendiest wii games, and otherwise ignoring the rest of the world, except when they jack up our fuel prices. 

As Mike Long says in his excellent commentary:

The liberal position is that of dismissive critic: Just point to the lack of successful terrorist attacks on our soil and say that the lack of terrorism is because of a lack of terorists. (And point to the administration’s silence on the charge as laziness, instead of what it really is: an inability to advertise disrupted terrorist plots at the risk of exposing sources and methods). It’s an easy case to make–it makes itself, and our safety makes it persuasive.

It is possible to hold such positions only because the Bush administration has been so successful in its anti-terror efforts. To the extent that the war on terror is now portrayed exclusively as a dark lever to advance the Republican global agenda (whatever that is) and line the pockets of friends, the Bush team is a victim of its own success.

But now the liberal Democrats taking over the White House lose the luxury of spitballing from the bleachers, criticizing without contributing, and playing the threat entirely for political advantage. If they truly do not believe there is a threat, then we are all in for several quick, tragic, and bloody surprises.

 I would feel a whole lot safer with a different president-elect.  Good looks don’t get you very far when you’re dealing with wackos who look like this:



Thank you, President Bush, for all you have done for us at your own expense.  Some of us truly appreciate it and wish you all the best.

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