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President Same Old Same Old — UPDATED

November 20, 2008

Our President of Change is showing us again that he’s just more of the same.  Get the people stirred up with mellifluous rhetoric, but do the opposite in actuality.  We saw it when he selected Sen. Biden as his VP.  We’re seeing it with every cabinet selection he makes.

  • Tom Daschle, Sec. of HHS — Senate Almost-Lifer and now lobbyist, oops, he isn’t a lobbyist himself, he only works for a lobbying firm
  • Eric Holder, Attorney General — deputy of same for Pres. Clinton, for heaven’s sake, DC Superior Court judge, deeply involved in the infamous Rich pardon
  • Rahm Emmanual, Chief of Staff — Congressman, Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee chair, Pres. Clinton advisor on political affairs and policy & strategy, deeply involved in the Hillarycare debacle
  • David Axelrod, Senior Advisor — politcal “consultant” for beaucoup Democrats all over the eastern half of the country since 1985
  • UPDATE:  Ugh, just learned this:  Gregory Craig, WH Counsel — the man responsible for this atrocity:elian-gonzalez

 And the possibles that are being discussed in the media:

  • Hillary Clinton, Sec. of State — oh, puhleeze, do I even have to elaborate?
  • AZ Governor Janet Napolitano, Sec. of Homeland Security — a sitting governor, OK, I won’t gripe about that
  • Penny Pritzker, Sec. of Commerce — O’s campaign finance chairman, granddaughter of the Hyatt hotel founder, number 135 on the Forbes list of 400 wealthiest Americans but inherited it, didn’t earn it by the sweat of her own brow

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