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Obama’s Little Taste of Things to Come

November 20, 2008

Al-Qaeda mover-and-shaker, the honorable Mr. Zawahiri, is giving Obama a taste of the Real World.  Breitbart reports that he issued a taped statement describing Obama with racial epithets and ranting on the same tired old theme of “we will crush you” ilk.  He keeps ranting on about America admitting its defeat in Iraq — can someone please point me to where President Bush or anyone other than liberal “journalists” ever admitted defeat in Iraq?  I’m not seeing it.  I do admit to unease on the issue of Afghanistan.  It seems in order to defeat the Taliban for good, it may need to be Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Bleck.  How do you like Zawacki’s comment here:

And be aware that the dogs of Afghanistan have found the flesh of your soldiers to be delicious, so send thousands after thousands to them.

 See a full translation at Jawa Report.

BTW, Zawacki also used the same racial slurs toward Secretary of State Rice and Colin Powell.  Though they’re used to it by now, having been on the receiving end for years, from the liberals in America.

Does Obama really think he can negotiate anything with wackos like this?

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