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Global Warming’s Countless Stooges

November 20, 2008

Britain’s Telegraph reports more shenanigans on the part of the Wizards of Oz of Global Warming.  These are the usual suspects working for NASA’s Goddard Institute.  It would be entertaining, except that you and I are paying these clowns’ salaries with our income confiscations taxes.  And they want to devastate our standard of living with mandates to choke off production and prosperity.  Chief Stooge James Hansen is trying to blame the Russians, but the UN’s IPCC is using this same data for all its coercion activities.

Speaking of August 2007’s tweaking session, Stephen McIntyre, a global warming data watchdog, said:

“I come from a background where you have to announce bad results,” he said. “They might not like the fact that they made a small embarrassing error, but if it was me, I’d have announced the results and put the best spin on it that I could.

“I would not have left myself open to the suggestion that I was not being forthcoming.”

In scientist jargon, that phrase “not being forthcoming” translates roughly as lying.

Every time someone serious looks at the data, it’s wrong.  They are constantly tweaking the numbers.  Who in their right mind can believe this crap any longer?

I’ll tell you what I believe.  I will believe we have a true climate crisis when I see Al Gore living the way he wants the rest of us little people to live:


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  1. Rob Cox permalink
    June 12, 2009 2:20 pm

    The data is corrupt from the start. Many of the stations that collect data have been placed in UNBELIEVABLY STUPID locations. Examples: Next to asphalt parking lots, ON asphalt parking lots right next to where cars drive by spewing warm exhaust, near burn barrels, near a/c exhausts, in shelters with light bulbs, next to trash dumpsters (dump truck exhaust & heat from trash volume itself).


    The reflection of the moon affects our climate more than CO2 does. CO2 has nothing to do with our climate and / or temperature.

    In Mid-August 2007, NASA had the math questioned about their method of calculations. THEY HAD TO RECALL their statment placing ~!~1998~!~ as the warmest year on record with ~!~1934~!~ !!!!!

    The data had said that WE WERE ON A COOLING TREND SINCE 1998!! Now we find out 1934 was the warmest year on record.

    This is CRAZY!

    Al Gore MAKES MONEY off of the whole buying carbon credits SCHEME.
    There is a FUTURES MARKET for carbon credits that LARGE investors can make money on.


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