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Hooray! It’s over at last.

November 5, 2008

Tons of fraud perpetrated by the usual suspects …

Goons intimidating “McCain supporters” in Philly.  No, we don’t have video of Rodney King-style beatings, but is that really necessary to skew the precinct results?

Military voters totally disenfranchised in VA.  Not ACORN voters, mind you, but men and women who have volunteered to put themselves between us and the vest-bombers.  I remember when the 18-year-old voting age was a big issue.  The argument was that someone who was old enough to be drafted into military service ought to be able to participate in electing those who direct the military.  Logical enough.  Now we see what the Modern Liberals think of logic, not to mention gratitude toward those who serve.

Up to 200,000 fake voter registrations in Ohio.  Yah, just a few errors that ACORN just can’t seem to eliminate from their modus operandi. 

Oldstream Media calling the PA results before the first precinct reported actuals.  They did this before, in Florida of infamy, disenfranchising the voters in the panhandle section of the state that lies in a different time zone from the peninsula.  Same old same old.

Look around you, my friends.  Doesn’t it frighten you, or at least make you uneasy, how the conservatives are rioting, looting, and burning?   Oh …. wait …. that’s not what conservatives do.  That’s a liberal Democrat thing.

What conservatives do is take stock of where we are and work with what we’ve got.  Including lots of prayer.  We will continue to pray for our country, and to pray for our leaders-elect.  Miracles do happen, just remember St. Thomas Becket.  And don’t forget Romans 8:28.  These things are true at all times, not just in times of Marxist-wannabe domination.

May God bless America and all Americans.

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