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Those sensitive Democrats

October 27, 2008

Much has been said in the New Media about Joe Biden’s tiff regarding the questions he was asked by Orlando reporter Barbara West in a recent interview.  I think Gay Patriot summarizes it as well as anyone. 

Ya just gotta laugh at how sensitive those Democrats are.  Gov. Sarah Palin gets hammered day after day after day, no respite, no respect, and she handles it well.  Dare I say like a man LOL?  But Joe?  He can’t take a direct question.  What’s that aphorism?  Oh, yah, he can dish it out, but he can’t take it.  Same for O, as well.  Doo-doo for brains.

Which reminds me of that “insult” that used to be thrown at Margaret Thatcher — that she was more of a man than anyone else in Parliament.  But I digress.

But what’s not so funny is the looming stranglehold on speech that we can see O developing.  Look at the pattern — Palin and McCain have to take any and all abuse in order to get any Oldstream Media time at all.  But when Biden gets asked a direct and substantive question, the reporter’s entire affiliate station gets cut off from O-team contact.  Think how much more this attitude will progress if O wins the election.

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