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The Clueless Unifier — Updated AGAIN

October 16, 2008

You’ve heard about Obama and the plumber?  So this plumber is considering buying a small plumbing business — 2-man business — and he asked Obama whether his taxes would go up, since the business is just over Obama’s $250,000 “rich people” line.  Watch the video of O’s answer below.  Obama is so clueless — he launches into the detailed percentages and cutoffs and can’t even look at the man to see he is not connecting.  Then the plumber tries to ask his question another way, and O interrupts him so he can continue with his spiel on the percentages.  At that point, Mr. Plumber crosses his arms and starts touching his face — clear signs to anyone who knows anything about people that O is not connecting.  O just plows on ahead with his spiel of crap, while Mr. Plumber is clearly more and more disgusted with the thing.  Mr. Plumber keeps trying, though, and listens politely (he is a Real Life American, we can see), but it’s clear that he is not experiencing Unity with The Candidate of Unity.  Then, just at the end, O tells Mr. Plumber that he will lower the company’s capital gains tax — it’s apparent that O doesn’t understand that cap gains only kick in when the business is sold, so it won’t benefit Mr. Plumber as a small businessman — it won’t benefit anyone until he wants to sell the business.  That is not at all what Mr. Plumber wanted to know.


Here’s an interview with Mr. Plumber, whose real name is Joe Wurzelbacher. 

O calls himself The Candidate of Unity, but he can’t even read people and relate to them one-on-one.  And he doesn’t know enough about taxes and finance to understand what capital gains really is.  What a dweeb.

And I haven’t even touched on that “spread the wealth around” comment.  Classic Marxist crap, upon which I would enjoy pontificating, but I have to run — got a big Girl Scout weekend to chaperone.


UPDATE:  Go read The Anchoress’s long link-filled post (aren’t hers always?) about the abuse being heaped on Mr. Wurzelbacher by the leftoids.

UPDATE 2:  Can’t resist this

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