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“The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend in 2008”

October 5, 2008

Some thoughts from a different angle.

Here’s a blog about the thoughts of a Hillary supporter who is now a McCain/Palin supporter, not for the same reasons I’m a McCain/Palin supporter, but in looking forward to another chance for HIllary in 2012:    Hillary or Bust

And a video by soldier4hillary, who discusses the hacking of pro-Hillary blogs by Obamabots, delegate shuffling by the DNC, why a McCain/Palin victory in 2008 is needful for a Hillary campaign in 2012, the O campaign’s predeliction for blaming others rather than self-examination, what it means to be part of Sen. Clinton’s base, false claims of racism, O’s personal deficiencies, voter fraud, O’s throwing Hillary supporters under that bus, the hypcocrisy of the Biden selection, her determination to get Hillary elected in 2012 — all that in 8 1/2 minutes!  I wish I could meet her IRL  🙂

Some choice quotes:

  • “I have an advanced degree in bot behavior …
  • “Now, at some point you’re gonna have to realize you cannot ride Senator Clinton’s back all the way to 1600 Penn Ave.  You have to do the work yourself.”
  • “Democratic Party, stop throwin’ rocks when you live in a glass house …. You give the impression that, every time you say ‘a heartbeat away,’ that older Americans don’t have the ability to maintain a job.  When you get those females out there that wanna say ‘Gov. Palin should stay home with her special needs child,’ get over it.  This is 2008; this isn’t 1948 or 1938.  We have the capability to do it all.  I do more by 9 o’clock than most people do all day, so I don’t understand this whole concept in ‘stay home and take the kids.'”
  • “Martin Luther King had a dream.  [Sen.] Clinton has solutions for America.  And your damn candidate has a speech he wrote in 2002.  Please tell me what it is about Sen. Barack Obama and his community organizing skills that make him ready to be the next Commander in Chief.”
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