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The Deputy IRL

October 4, 2008

Yah, Sarah Palin, candidate for Deputy of America, nailed it in her debate with Biden.  She connected directly with the people of Real Life America — not only in her words, in which she explicity stated that as her intention, but in her forthright manner and in speaking directly to the camera.  What was behind that camera?  You and I were.  The people of Real Life America.  And what did we see?  Gov. Palin IRL — unfiltered and unedited — the Gov. the Oldstream Media and the Modern Liberals do not want you to see. 

The Oldstream Media and Modern Liberals enjoy despising Gov. Palin.  What I call a forthright manner, they call folksy — and they do it in a way that makes clear they don’t recognize it as normal behavior — in fact, it’s to them as immacuately-polished fingertips on the blackboard.  Are feminists allowed to wear nail polish?  They love to decry her inability to have every factoid at those remarkable fingertips at every moment.  But guess what, wonky-donks — an executive’s job is not to be Chief Statistical Nerd — it’s to surround oneself with competent advisors, listen to their advice, pray, and choose a direction for action.  Gov. Palin is doing exactly what she should be doing as a candidate for the deputy position — supporting her principal on policy and direction. 

And isn’t it fascinating that Biden and Obama are not being hammered on the details by the Oldstream Media the way Gov. Palin is getting it?  Biden made a couple of real howlers of screwups during the debate — he stated that the UN kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon — huh??? — and it wasn’t just a transposition of terms or a transitory inability to find the right word (we all have that, don’t we) — he elaborated on this purely fictional event at some length.  Show me the Oldstream Media clip or article where he is taken to task for that.  I dare ya.  I won’t bore you with additional incidents — I hope you’re smart enough to take the point I am making.  

 It’s Frontier Woman vs. Metrosexual Chic! Hold your breath — who is going to win this clash of the archetypes? This is not just a matter of style — Frontier Woman triggers a host of very real American associations — self-reliance, strong family bonds, courage in the face of danger, moral strength, independent thinking.

As I said in my intial post on this blog Gov. Palin exemplifies all that is best about America — there’s the list for you — 

  • self-reliance  (vs. the government will take care of everything for you)
  • strong family bonds  (vs. abortion, not adoption)
  • courage in the face of danger  (vs. unconditional negotiation)
  • moral strength  (vs. it’s all relative)
  • independent thinking  (vs. O-ba-ma O-ba-ma O-ba-ma O-ba-ma)

And as my beloved Eowyn said “I am no man.”

On the other side, Metro Chic has its own hold on our Effete Elites. It all comes down to the Western Enlightenment versus Metro Socialism.

Indeed.  James Lewis expands on that theme at American Thinker.  Read it all.

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