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Children chanting political slogans and other nauseating liberal tricks

September 30, 2008

Back in 2004, I was at a family dinner with extended family, most of whom are proud liberals.  Usually this family succeeds in avoiding political talk at such functions, but that summer it was more difficult for them.  During this particular dinner, a joke gift was given to one of the family’s few conservative members — a book entitled, if memory serves, Bush Must Go.  The joke was received with grace.  But then a child became involved.  It was sickening.  A six-year-old child of one of the most bean-headed liberals at the table began chanting “Bush must go” over and over again.  He was bouncing up and down in time to the chant.  I found it surreal, and in my mind’s eye saw the old newsreel footage of Hitler Youth children marching in parade formation.  As I said, it was sickening to see a small child doing this, and the liberals at table were laughing indulgently.  “Isn’t that cute” you could see them thinking.  I was thinking “that poor defenseless child doesn’t even comprehend what is happening here.”

The Anchoress has a link-filled article about liberal/Marxist hate, including another sickening instance of young children being exploited by the adults who should care more about their minds and hearts.  Sobering stuff for people who try to use the brains God gave them.

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