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Plaid flannel people vs. yuppies

September 27, 2008

Cobb has this to say about the Oldstream Media’s aesthetic of worthiness:

Back in 1977, I was a huge fan of CB radio and big rigs as a highschool junior. I remember when men with hairy chests were considered the role models. Now metrosexuals rule, like the kid who calls himself ‘Mac’ on the Apple commercials, not somebody you want around when a building is burning down. So like a lot of Americans, I found sweet identification when ‘Mac’ played his type in the big Bruce Willis film ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ which says a great deal about what kind of character is necessary if and when America moves from metaphoric Hell to the real thing.

and …

I look at America today and I see not quite enough respect for the scrappy people who don’t look good when they are doing good because of the yuppie aesthetic we have inherited from two generations of cultural producers who seem to think that the perfect American life is somewhere between Seinfeld and Mad About You – and everything else is either Homicide: Life on the Streets or some retarded version of Lake Woebegone.

I stand in defense of flyover country, despite its lack of commuter airlines.

I’m remembering when I used to hang out with leftists and utopianists.  It was amazing to me, raised as I was on the edge of blue-collar America, how ignorant those folks were of reality.  They honestly never realized that meat does not come down from heaven on a styrofoam tray.  They didn’t bother to wonder how the electricity gets from the generating plant into their bedside lava lamp.  Woefully ignorant of all the basic realities that make their lives possible.   I think this probably stems from a lack of acceptance of the concept of an objective reality separate from oneself.

When it all comes down to it, which is more important — a JD or someone who can build you a flush toilet?  Really, think about it.  The people who make our society and economy possible get the least respect.  Without toilet-builders, we’d all be getting cholera every couple of years.  No respect.

Cobb is worth keeping up with.

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