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Theoden and Eowyn in America

September 25, 2008

 Yes, yes, yes!  He has captured it exactly.  McCain and Palin as Theoden and Eowyn.

And standing against all this hypnotic power — the power of the mythmakers in Hollywood, the power of the information peddlers in the media, the corrosive power of America-hating professors on every campus in America… against all that we find an old warrior — a paladin if ever there was one — an old, beat-up warhorse standing up in defense of his city one last time. And beside him: a wonder. A common person… just a regular mom who goes to work, does a difficult job with intelligence and energy and grace and every-day competence and then puts it away to go home and have dinner with the family. Against all of that stand these two. 

I often feel like Eowyn in my own small way — standing between those in my charge and the great evils of the world.  Ready to die in defending them until they’re old/big/strong enough to defend themselves and the smaller ones behind them.  That is my warrior role as mother and teacher, with never a moment’s leave.

And don’t forget my favorite scene in The Return of the King, in which Eowyn defends her beloved Theoden, uncle and foster-father, against the ultimate embodied evil — the Nazgul and its master the Witch King.  The Witch King brags that he cannot be harmed by any man.  Then Eowyn responds “I am no man,” and proceeds to destroy him. 

Bill Whittle nails it.  Read the whole piece.

Hat tip:  Baldilocks

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