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By any means necessary

September 23, 2008

You can see that’s the attitude of the Modern Liberals in their work to get Obama elected.  Here’s a sampling of those means.  By the way, if McCain partisans had done any of this stuff — and I mean any teensy tiny part of it — it would be blaring from all the big-city rag front pages and leading off the evening news on every major network, not to mention Oprah, the girls at The View, and friends.  Just a sampling for your enjoyment:

 — Public relations guns for hire lied about Gov. Sarah Palin’s association with a marginal Alaskan political party.  The new term for this practice is “astro-turfing,” as in something that looks good from a distance, but is actually fake.  In political terms, it means spreading lies in such a way that they seem plausible.  Read the Jawa’s detailed investigation on this incident.

— Obama partisan college-student and son of a TN state representative (D, of course) hacked Gov. Palin’s personal email accounts, and those of her family.  Gateway Pundit informs us that the FBI is on the case.  Didja know email hacking is a felony offense?  I wonder if the kid will learn anything in federal prison?

Democrat partisans leaned on Jewish sponsors of an anti-Ahmadinejad rally, threatening their tax-exempt status, if they did not “disinvite” Gov. Palin from speaking at the rally.  Here is the text of the speech they didn’t want you to hear. Oh, BTW, nobody’s tax-exempt status would have been threatened by any invitee’s turning down the invitation — and numerous politicians of all flavors were invited. 

— Gov. Palin drew a crowd of 60,000 people in the heat and humidity of Florida on Sunday.  Did you hear about it in the Oldstream Media?  Didn’t think so. 

— Chain letters have been posted all over the New Media forums, spreading lies and insinuations about Gov. Palin.  Doug Ross fisks one such.

— Members of Obama’s Chicago Campaign HQ (not just idiotic college students, see?) organized an effort to silence an author they dislike on a Chicago talk radio show — TWICE.  Hey guys, ever hear of that idea called “freedom of speech?”

— O himself has encouraged his followers to “get in the faces” of people who disagree with them.  It’s at the very end of this video, starting at 24:50.  Can you imagine the outcry of McCain said this — there would be wailing and gnashing of teeth over his fascist militarist blah blah blah.

— Everyone is using racism in the campaign — that is, everyone who’s a Democrat.  Where to begin listing the links?  Kansas Gov. Kathleen SibeliusCNN’s Jack CaffertyTime’s Karen TumultyLA TImes’ Andrew Malcolmtwo OH state representatives.  Please someone show me where McCain’s campaign has featured racism — oh, and Karen Tumulty’s hyperventilation about “sinister black men” isn’t gonna cut it.  Show me something real, ’cause so far all I’ve seen of racism is coming from the Democrats.

— African-American pundits are predicting racial violence if O fails to win the election.

— Obama received beaucoup bucks from Fannie and Freddie lobbyists before they melted down.  Hello Oldstream Media, can you spell “conflict of interest?”

— in Sarah Palin’s first interview with the Oldstream Media, with Charlie Gibson on Sept. 11, Charlie distorted her message about prayer given at a church and told her he was quoting her “exact words.”  Of course, he was not, and you can see an analysis here

— Obama has long-time ties to a terrorist who has never expressed remorse.  And the Oldstream Media won’t pick up on it.  Can you imagine the media explosion if it were even imagined that McCain had ties to someone like that?

— Catholic bloggers are being threatened that they are “in violation of IRS regulations and Church policy” for posting this beautifully-produced video discussing election issues:

The threats and objections are patently false, as explained by Dom at Bettnet and in more detail by David at Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex

—  Obama practices pay discrimination against women, so why aren’t the feminazis on the warpath?  If it weren’t O doing it, they’d be screaming like harpies.

— And on a personal note, an acquaintance related an incident he experienced at the airport.  He was wearing a t-shirt that said “Nobama: Just Say No to Socialism.”  An African-American TSA employee at the security checkpoint challenged him with “Oh, so you’re a hater.”  Friend said, “no it’s not about hate, it’s about politics; I would say the same thing if it were Hillary.”  TSA employee visibly relaxed and muttered “well, I don’t know who I will vote for.”  Think about it.

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