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Obama the all-wise, the all-knowing …

September 22, 2008

… keeps saying he has called for financial reform that would have prevented the ongoing meltdown on Wall St.   He also says McCain basically has done nothing, or some sources say he accuses McCain of calling for complete deregulation of markets.  Yet the record IRL says something very different.

Gay Patriot has an article, with links to additional articles, that traces the reality.  As opposed to O’s claims.  Long story short — McCain worked across the aisle to promote legislation that would have addressed some of the issues causing our present mess — and we’re talking as far back as 2002.  That’s even before O made it to Washington.  What has O done except make inaccurate claims? 

Yeah, I hear those crickets, too.

Oh, and while we’re talking about the financial mess … are you aware that it’s all the Democrats’ fault, not George Bush’s?  Beginning back in Jimmy Carter’s presidency, and accelerating under Bill Clinton.  I remember reading an article, back during Bill’s reign, about the Clinton administration’s increasing heavy-handedness on high-risk mortgages, and thinking it would go nowhere good.  But I do not feel good about being right and wise.  I just wish Modern Liberals could think things through — God gave us brains for a reason.   Anyway, The Anchoress has an excellent summary and links that I recommend to you.

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