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Charlie doesn’t get it, among others

September 14, 2008

United Press International is part of the big turgid Oldstream Media, but even a few of their units are beginning to get it — it’s gotta be really bad!  Here’s a column about Charlie Gibson, who is Mentally Older Than Dirt, and his part in the campaign to prevent Governor Sarah Palin from being elected President.  Ooops, I mean Vice-President … so why are they hammering so hard on her and not on the candidates for President?   Just a tip, Charlie, Palin is running for Vice-President, whose job is to support the President, who is the one who heads the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government.  You really need to be talking to the guys who are actually running for President, dude!

And where are the interviews of Obama and McCain grilling them about religion and foreign policy?  I would be very interested in those interviews. 

Are they just afraid of girls?  Or maybe just the girls who didn’t need to marry upwardly-mobile coattails in order to get ahead?  Sheesh.

Oh, wait, maybe it’s the religion thing.  See that doesn’t bother me.  I’ve actually attended charistmatic worship services, complete with speaking in tongues, “words of prophecy,” and people being “slain in the spirit.”  I came away unharmed, so I’m not so worried about Gov. Palin possibly having been exposed to suchlike. 

Maybe Charlie is afraid that McCain will be elected President, then promptly drop dead, and Gov Palin will become President, and then she’ll be holding a Holy Rollers service in the Oval Office when the Red Phone rings at 3 a.m. and nobody will hear it and New York City will be nuclearly obliterated … hmmmm, well that does bear thinking about. 

But then I wonder how is that so much worse than being unable to answer the Red Phone because you’re having your 22-year-old college girl intern …  ummmm … service you in that special way?  I mean, do you really think his mind was clear enough to make split-second save-the-world decisions?  Double sheesh.

I repeat my query:  dudes, where are the in-depth, hard-hitting interviews with the guys who are running for the top job?

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