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What started it all

September 13, 2008

Like Jeremiah, unable to contain it within, I was compelled to speak out and speak up.  It just came bustin’ out of me.  Here’s a copy of the email I sent to friends and family that started this whole thing for me.

 I have never done this before, but I did it today.  I donated money to a political campaign.   Now I want my voice to be heard — I want to share my story — so I will tell you why I took this unprecedented action.

When I was young and naive, I thought feminism was simply about equal pay for equal work.  But that wasn’t enough for the prominent, media-adored feminists of the day.  They started hating men instead of uplifting women.  Over the years, the prominent feminists continued their slide into anger and bitterness, becoming ugly caricatures rather than vibrant inspirations to me.  It was not until recently that I learned that equal pay for equal work has been the statutory law of the land since 1963 (The Equal Pay Act of 1963).  Obama still doesn’t know that very interesting fact.  I wonder whether any of you knew about that law?  Google it if you didn’t.  But that wasn’t enough to move me — I was too busy living my own life the way I want to live it. 
Obama recently vilified people like me as “bitter” and “clinging” to our religion, but that didn’t particularly move me, as I’ve become accustomed to that kind of contempt from the Ivy-League (and wish-they-were-Ivy-League) Modern Liberals.  They think and say those things out of ignorance.  I don’t have time for them — I have a real life to live, children to raise and educate.  Get back to me in 10 years.
Over the past couple of decades, I’ve watched both the Democrat and Republican parties slide into the swamp of entrenched lifelong tenures in Congress, with the logically ensuing partisanship and do-nothingness (at best).  The Democrats are still sliding down that slope toward Marxism and state control of all aspects of our lives.  Witness for example their insistence on state-controlled health care and their refusal to permit parents to have a say in their children’s educations (funded by the parents’ own money taken in taxes).  But the Republicans haven’t been any more attractive.  The party that was founded precisely to put an end to slavery has lost its foundation of principles of freedom.  It’s become just another pit of self-seeking lifers and entitlement-suckers.  None of that moved me toward anything but cynicism.
This election year has been fascinating to me.  Obama crushed the Clinton Machine, an amazing feat.  It’s almost like crushing the Mafia and living to tell about it.  McCain fought his way to the top of an enormous pile of contenders, and considering the injuries the NVA inflicted on him so many years ago (which gives him a pass to honored retirement in my book), I am in awe of his continuing stamina and determination.  And he did it as a sign of contradiction to the Republican party, not as one of the in-boys.  But it was fascination at a distance for me.
Until last week.  Last week I saw the one I have been waiting for.  No, it wasn’t Obama.  I don’t believe that a career in Chicago Machine politics or a few year as Senator “Present” prepares one to be leader of the free world. Nor do I believe that our collective salvation will be the election of a man who can stop the rise of the oceans and heal the planet.  I don’t believe that such a man exists or ever will exist, and Obama has either a serious mental illness or an overactive fantasy life.  The only man to whom that idea could be applied is both true man and True God.  Definitely not Obama.
Nor was it Obama’s selection of Senator Biden as his Vice-Presidential running mate.  Obama thinks we’re fooled when he shouts the word “change!”  It’s an old white guy Senate lifer — the epitome of “same old same old.”  Give me a break.
What moved me was McCain’s selection of Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential running mate.  At last, someone who makes sense.  Someone who appears to have a brain, combined with common sense.  Someone who has lived a full and normal life, including the challenges and vicissitudes that all of us face in some form.  Someone who avoided receiving the anointing with the Oil of the Ivy, and so retained her common sense.  Someone who walks her talk, and faces the inconvenient challenges in her life rather than killing them.  Someone who saw a need for improvement in her family’s lives and set out to do what she could to make a difference … then took the ensuing opportunities as they appeared, one at a time.  Someone whose conviction of right and wrong supercedes any party compromises.  Someone who put her own house in order — the house of her own political party — not the opponent’s party, but her very own.  Someone who put down the Old-Boys of the Alaska oil industry — one of the last great bastions of Old-Boys left in contemporary society.  Someone who combines Mercy with Justice in a distinctively Christian way — not vilifying and spitting upon sinners, but helping them make the most right they can out of their wrongs — even the sinners in her own family.  And ain’t she a woman?
Gov. Palin is a feminist in the most positive of modes.  She has had it all, and had it all in abundance.  And she is grateful for every bit of it.  She does not feel punished, but blessed, with her challenges.  She is emblematic of all that is best about America.  And isn’t it fascinating that the self-described feminists hate her so much?  That they keep calling for her to get back into her kitchen rather than living the life THEY have been telling all women to lead, lo these many years?  As though only a woman who makes herself into a man, yet simultaneously hates men, can be a proper role model.  She’s done everything they’ve demanded, except for having abortions, and ain’t she a woman?
The Oldstream Media hates Gov. Palin like the Terminator hates Sarah Connor.  First they went after her, then they went after her kids.*  They are still trying to kill Gov. Palin by promulgating lies and distortions about her, and like the Terminator, they will keep coming back and coming back.  But like Sarah Connor, Gov. Palin knows what they’re about.  Iron Maggie said it succintly:  “I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.”  
McCain’s selection of Gov. Palin made me sit up and look at HIM again, with renewed interest.  He was already a so-called maverick, not well-liked within the Republican old-boy structure.  I haven’t agreed with a number of things he has said and done.  I sitll don’t, but I am now open to the notion that he is able to learn from his mistakes and get better over time — the right kind of CHANGE — the kind that all the rest of us mortals strive for in our personal lives.  I am now feeling HOPE that this will be his trajectory. 
I know Gov. Palin is a human being, no different from all the rest of us, always susceptible to Original Sin, no different from all the rest of us.  If she turns out to be less admirable than she now appears, I will be sorely disappointed.  But not so surprised, for all fall short of the glory of God.  But I am now feeling HOPE that our country can do better than the last 20 years.  We surely do need CHANGE, and we are not going to get it from the Democrats, lost in their old, broken, discredited, echo chamber of Marxism.  But perhaps a new generation is now arising that will bring us out of the slough of despond of the last 20 years.  I have HOPES.
So I did something I have never done before in my life — I gave some of MY OWN money to the election campaign for McCain/Palin.   This is my story.
May God bless America and all Americans, no matter how this election turns out.  I am praying for us all, and for every one of you on this email distribution list, every day.
* Pithy as it is, I didn’t think that up that sound bite.  I got it from the House of Jiggy on blogspot.
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